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New catalouge valid from 31st of May 2021 is available for downloading now.


New catalouge valid from 1st of May 2019 is available for downloading now.


New catalouge valid from 1st of May 2018 is available for downloading now.


New catalogue 2017

New catalogue valid from 1/5 2017 is now available.

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The Christmasgift of the year.


ISSA Interclean Amsterdam 2016

Clean Part was one of more than 800 exhibitors at the worlds leading trade show for cleaning and hygiene suppliers. We want to thank all our great customers who visited us and welcome all new customers.


NEWS! Now available - FLEXIS cleaning and polishing pads!

We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers the new FLEXIS pads from KGS Diamonds in Switzerland. KGS FLEXIS pads are the only pads in the world to contain FERRZON. Because of it´s truly unique structural properties FERRZON technology has shown to be superior to diamond on floor maintenance, grinding and polishing. In our opinion FLEXIS is the best cleaning and polishing pads on the market today, offering greater selfcleaning and much better padlife and durability. For more info choose "Products" and "Floorpads".


Now in stock - vacuum cleaner cable with angled plug!

We now have in stock vacuum cleaner cable with angled plug (length 10 meters).


Fits the follwing machines:

Hako Supreme D5


Kärcher T191, T201

Kirby G4, G5, G6

Oehme Lorrito, Compacto 9

Sorma 505, 510, 3410

Taski Vento 8, Vento 15

Tennant 3400, 3410, V5

Wetroc Monovac 6




Now in stock - splashguards for Hako machines!

We can now offer slashguards to the following Hako models:

Hako B30

Hako B45-51

Hako B450

Hako B530

For more info see our "Catalogue".


ISSA Innovation Award

Clean Parts' supplier of floor pad material Americo Manufacturing won the ISSA Innovation Award under the suppliers category at the ISSA show in Orlando. Americo is awardes because of the full recycle floor pads.

The fibers in the floor pads Americo manufactures are made using 100% recycled PET plastic and Americo uses only utilize water-based resins in the binding process. The pads have been specially formulated to biodegrade in a fraction of the time that it takes for conventional pads to biodegrade.

Please look at the link below for more information:



New catalogue for 2015- now available!


Drive motors from AMER

We can now supply drive motors from AMER.

Amer is an Italian high-tech company which produces gear motors and drive systems for cleaning machines.

Their products are robust and of high quality.


New 2013 pricelist

New 2013 pricelist is now available for downloding. You will find it under catalogue. It is valid from 1th of December 2012.